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About GEMS

“Developing the Mango Biorefinery in the Philippines & the World”




Green Enviro Management Systems, Inc. (GEMS) is a purposeful brand – the first in the world that industrialized a green technology of converting fruit wastes into marketable high-value products. GEMS is decisive and assertive in addressing agricultural waste management and is goal-oriented in leading the fruit waste processing industry. With its developed innovative techniques, GEMS is confident and highly-opinionated on its ZERO-WASTE solutions.



A world-class biotechnology-based processing facility for agricultural waste utilization and recycling, and recovery of high-value products.

The GEMS products employ proprietary green processes and are naturally rich in Anti-oxidants, Vitamins and Minerals, Dietary Fiber and Digestive Enzymes – making them one of a kind and a leading edge in healthy living.


A premier company engaged in the holistic and integrated approach to agricultural waste management.

By developing innovative green process technologies that convert mango wastes, GEMS has mitigated one of the most pressing problems of mango processing. GEMS eliminates tons of mango wastes that would have otherwise been sent to landfills by converting them into commercially-viable products with health benefits.

GEMS takes serious approaches in ensuring food safety and good manufacturing practices by maintaining its international certifications.


GEMS promotes healthy lifestyles by producing nutritious food ingredients and supplements.

GEMS advocates green technologies and pursues its unique contribution to agricultural and environmental sustainability.

GEMS provides job opportunities to people who are “the last, the least, and the lost”, making it the company’s priority to hire people from the poorest sector of society.